The Dangers in My Heart Tops Anime Charts for the 3rd Week in a Row

Dangers in My Heart:

It continued to dominate the Anime Corner charts and topped the Week 11 Spring 2023 anime polls for the third consecutive year. Episode 11 of the series featured Ichikawa’s incredible character development and showed him standing on his own two feet. Also, Yamada’s comforting words and actions and Ichikawa’s gift were heartwarming moments that further cemented the anime’s strong emotional core. With simple yet surprising storytelling, Dangers in My Heart It quickly became one of the most popular anime of the season. The season is over and the second one has already been announced.

Meanwhile, Oshi no Ko It still holds the second place spot after the adorable resurgence of idol group B-Komachi.

spring 2023 anime rankings week 11 top ten graphic

Top 11 episode Dangers in My Heart Directed by Shige Fukase, with storyboard by Juria Matsumura. Studio Shin-Ei Animation animated the first season with screenplays written by Jukki Hanada. Kensuke Ushio composed the music, while Masato Katsumata adapted the character designs from the manga.

HIDDEN And know airs the anime, and the latter describes the series as follows:
Kyoutaro Ichikawa may seem like a typical middle school student, but his heart is filled with deadly fantasies. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the idol of the class, Anna Yamada, is constantly on his mind as the person he most wanted to kill. While studying alone in his favorite school library, he inadvertently initiates a meeting with Yamada, and Yamada shows up to sneakily feast on his favorite candies and marshmallows. Through their conversation, Ichikawa learns how ditz Yamada is and has to cheer him up from the sidelines. Yamada can’t help but annoy Ichikawa incessantly because of his excited reactions. The distant connection between the two deepens into something more than just library accounts, as a result of various touching daily interactions. Ichikawa may finally realize that his violent fantasies have turned into something else.

©Norio Sakurai (Akita Shoten) / Boku Yaba Production Committee

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