The four coolest weapons in Demon Slayer: From Firearms to Flails

Demon Slayer features some incredibly cool Nichirin swords but, what are the four coolest weapons across all the characters in the series?

The Demon Slayer Corps have a tough fight on their hands against Muzan and his ranks, especially considering that the majority of battles have to happen during the night.

Thankfully, the outfit can rely on their trustworthy Nichirin weapons to deliver the final blow once they get close enough to a demon – but that doesn’t mean that every Demon Slayer Corps member uses the same type of sword.

In fact, both the anime adaptation and original manga have a range of awesome weapons from firearms to flails; so who has the four coolest weapons in the Demon Slayer series?

The four coolest weapons in Demon Slayer ranked

Mitsuri Kanroji’s Nichirin-style Whip

Mitsuri Kanroji’s Nichirin Sword is more akin to a whip than a standard blade being both extremely long and flexible to the point where she can lash the weapon around her body a full 360 degrees. The sword is itself pink in color, the handguard has been forged into the shape of a four-leaf clover with pink and gold love hearts incorporated into its design.

The reason why this weapon features as one of the coolest in the series is mostly because of the way Mitsuri incorporates its capabilities into her fighting style. The Love Hashira has incredible speed and accuracy in her attacks, using the thin nature of the sword for both defensive and offensive techniques.

Whilst Mitsuri’s whip-like Nichirin sword is indeed incredibly cool, it fails to compare to some of the other weapons that fellow Demon Slayers use; therefore, it’s only fourth place for the Love Hashira’s blade.

Tengen Uzui’s Nichirin Cleavers

The third coolest weapon in Demon Slayer has to be the dual-wield Nichirin cleavers that are used by the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui.

The blades are amber in color and feature two crescents near the hilt, which itself features a golden circle with a teal border and maroon rings. Tengen also keeps both cleaves wrapped in fabric, allowing for easier access than a typical Nichirin sword sheath.

Showcasing their devastating potential in The Entertainment District Arc, these blades are connected by a Nichirin chain which allows Tengen to change his style from close-quarter combat into a ranged attack.

Gyomei Himejima’s Nichirin Flail

Our second coolest weapon in Demon Slayer is actually two weapons combined into one; a Nichirin battle axe and linked flail (Morning Star) used by the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima.

Gyomei’s main weapon is the battle axe, which is described as being a dull gray. Although the flail is connected to the axe via a Nichirin chain similar to Tengen’s cleavers, the way that Gyomei uses them is incredibly cool because of the way he uses them to mitigate his blindness; using the sound of the chain to tell where the flail is in relation to the axe and visa versa.

Unfortunately, it will be some time before we see Gyomei using both of these Nichirin weapons in the Demon Slayer anime. His first major battle takes place in manga chapter 139 as part of the Infinity Castle Arc, which is expected to be adapted in either the later stages of season 4 or the first cour of season 5 – based on the current pacing of chapter coverage in the anime.

Genya Shinazugawa’s Nichirin Shotgun

Undoubtedly the coolest weapon in the Demon Slayer series is the double-barrelled shotgun that Genya Shinazugawa uses, which is fitted with Nichirin shotgun shells.

Genya originally used a short Nichirin Wakizashi blade, before deciding to use a Western-style double-barrelled shotgun after the early Demon Slayer Corps tests; although this was never revealed in the manga, this is likely due to Tanjiro breaking Genya’s arm after the trials forcing him to adapt his fighting style.

Genya’s unique Demon slaying firearm makes its debut in chapter 106 of the original manga, as seen in episode 47 (Season 3 episode 3) when he fires two rounds at Sekido and Karaku. Whilst we don’t want to get into spoiler territory for the remainder of season 3, fans can expect plenty more epic scenes featuring Genya and his Nichirin shells to come.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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