The voice actors behind the Record of Ragnarok characters

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Episode 2 was recently released on Netflix, and while people are focusing on the anime, we’re here to give you a little peek into what’s going on behind the scenes.

Ragnarok Record of Ragnarok has managed to conquer hearts since the first day it was released on Netflix. Originally a Warner Bros. what was made is now manufactured by Yumeta Company. While the story beautifully captures the war between God and humans, there is also a love story that plays out behind the scenes.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Record of Ragnarok anime and manga.

The voice actors behind the two Record of Ragnarok characters stepped in

Manga readers will be familiar with the character of Hades, a Greek god who prepares to oppose Qin Shi Huang in the seventh round, and Beelzebub, a deity who opposes Nikola Tesla in the eighth and final round.

In the ever-evolving world of anime, where the clash between celestial beings and humanity’s most formidable warriors unfolds, one series stands as a pinnacle of epic storytelling – Record of Ragnarok. As Netflix continues to captivate global audiences with its awe-inspiring animations, the much-anticipated season 2 of Record of Ragnarok has finally arrived, promising viewers another thrilling ride through the realms of myth and legend.

Meet the Voices Behind the Gods and Warriors

The heart and soul of any anime lie within its characters, and Record of Ragnarok Season 2 delivers a sensational experience through an impeccable voice cast that breathes life into these extraordinary personas. Let’s delve into the exceptional talents behind the mic who have given voice to the gods and warriors of this epic battle.

Brunhilde: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese) and Laura Post (English)

Brunhilde, the enigmatic leader of the Valkyries, is portrayed with grace and depth by the remarkable Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese and the equally talented Laura Post in English. Their performances illuminate the complexity of her character, making Brunhilde an even more intriguing figure in season 2.

Goll: Tomoyo Kurosawa (Japanese) and Anairis Quinones (English)

Goll, the fierce and relentless warrior, is masterfully voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa in Japanese and Anairis Quinones in English. Their powerful renditions capture the essence of Goll’s indomitable spirit and unwavering determination.

Zeus: Wataru Takagi (Japanese) and Chris Edgerly (English)

The king of the gods himself, Zeus, is brought to life with thunderous majesty by Wataru Takagi in Japanese and Chris Edgerly in English. These two actors channel Zeus’s commanding presence and godly aura, ensuring that his character remains as awe-inspiring as ever.

Jack the Ripper: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese) and Jeff Leach (English)

The enigmatic and ruthless Jack the Ripper is skillfully portrayed by Tomokazu Sugita in Japanese and Jeff Leach in English. Their performances add depth to this mysterious character, making him a captivating figure in season 2.

Hercules: Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese) and George Newbern (English)

Hercules, the legendary demigod with unparalleled strength, is brought to life by Katsuyuki Konishi in Japanese and George Newbern in English. These actors infuse Hercules with the raw power and charisma that befit his mythological stature.

Raiden Tameemon: Subaru Kimura (Japanese) and Michael Schwalbe (English)

Raiden Tameemon, the sumo wrestler with a heart of gold, finds his voice through Subaru Kimura in Japanese and Michael Schwalbe in English. Their performances capture Raiden’s warmth and determination, endearing him to viewers.

Shiva: Tatsuo Suzuki (Japanese) and Sean Rohani (English)

The fierce and enigmatic Shiva is skillfully voiced by Tatsuo Suzuki in Japanese and Sean Rohani in English. These actors bring out the multifaceted nature of Shiva’s character, making him an intriguing addition to season 2.

Buddha: Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese) and Maaz Ali (English)

The serene and enlightened Buddha is given voice by Yuichi Nakamura in Japanese and Maaz Ali in English. Their performances embody the wisdom and compassion of this iconic deity, adding depth to his character.

Loki: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese) and Ryan Colt Levi (English)

Loki, the mischievous trickster god, is brought to life by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in Japanese and Ryan Colt Levi in English. Their performances capture the essence of Loki’s cunning and unpredictability, making him a standout character.

Ares: Hinata Tadakoro (Japanese) and Tim Friedlander (English)

Ares, the god of war, is masterfully voiced by Hinata Tadakoro in Japanese and Tim Friedlander in English. These actors convey Ares’s ferocity and battle-hardened nature, making him a formidable presence.

Heimdall: Yukihiro Nozuyama (Japanese) and Kellen Goff (English)

Heimdall, the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, is portrayed with stoic nobility by Yukihiro Nozuyama in Japanese and Kellen Goff in English. Their performances capture the unwavering dedication of this sentinel.

Hermes: Junichi Suwabe (Japanese) and Cory Yee (English)

The messenger of the gods, Hermes, is given voice by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese and Cory Yee in English. Their performances embody Hermes’s agility and wit, adding charm to his character.

A Glimpse into the Voice Actors’ Insights

As the Record of Ragnarok season 2 unfolds, the voice actors have shared their excitement and insights into their roles. Their dedication and passion shine through, enriching the viewing experience for fans around the world.

In conclusion, Record of Ragnarok Season 2 has set the stage for another epic clash of titans, and with its exceptional voice cast, it promises to be a monumental anime experience. As fans eagerly follow the battles between gods and warriors, the voices behind the characters elevate the storytelling to new heights, making this season an unforgettable journey through myth and legend.

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