Top 10 Pakistani PUBG players – URDU BIOGRAPHY

Pakistanis are a young nation. The average age of Pakistanis is less than 30 years of age. This is the reason that they adopt new technologies really very soon. This is the reason that the E Gaming industry is established in Pakistan with amazing speed. 

Not only young and teenage people are attracted to E gaming but many middle-aged men and women are also moving towards E gaming in an increased number.

No doubt that the most popular game around the globe these days is Pub G. this is a highly popular game it is getting popular in Pakistan too. More and More people are attracted to the Pub G in Pakistan Here is the list of some of the most popular players of the PuB G. this countdown is started by descending.

10. Malik Ahmad

  1. He is a male and a Pakistani resident.
  2. He is 23 Years Old
  3. His Place of Birth is Pakistan 
  4. Malik Ahmad is popular with the name of SP Joker.
  5. His Clan is SP Clan. This is really a Famous Pakistani Clan.
  6. His most prominent success is the winning of the S10 Crew Challenge. It was done in FPP Asia.
  7. His style of playing includes the  PUBG Mobile. He plates it with 3 fingers setup. He always prefers to remain the gyroscope always on.

9. Ahmad Rana

  1. His PUBG Name is ŁEGEND々AHMAD
  2. His Nickname is Ahmad Op.
  3. Currently, he is 18 Years Old
  4. His Place of Birth is Lahore
  5. He holds the Nationality of Pakistan
  6. He comes in the Top 10 PUBG Mobile players of Pakistan. 
  7. He has a personalized style of playing PUBG. That is at Mobile with 6 Fingers. This is the setup of his Claw. 
  8. He always wants to set his Gyro in one position. 

8. Syeda Marium

  1. She is the top player when it comes to the categories of female players.
  2. Her Nickname is Doctor Pikachu. 
  3. Her Date of Birth is the 26th of July.
  4. Her Place of Birth is Lahore.
  5. Her Nationality is Pakistani.
  6. The PUBG Name of this girl is DR Pikachú
  7. The PUBG ID of this girl is 561397761
  8. The Clan name of this girl is DOCToRZ
  9. She does not have a Crew
  10. She prefers to play with the 2 Fingers
  11. Her Device name is the iPhone 8 Plus
  12. She is active on Social Media her Instagram id is doctor_pikachu
  13. If you want you can contact her via Email [email protected]

7. Jawad Ali

  1. His Nickname is Solo King
  2. He is 30 Years Old
  3. He is a British Pakistani 
  4. His PUBG Name is SOLOKlNG』
  5. 525584023 is his PUBG ID
  6. SOLOGAMING is the name of the Clan
  7. He does not hold any Crew
  8. 4 Fingers Claw is the Controls configuration he has selected to play
  9. 11 Pro Max – iPhone is his Device.
  10. He is on Social Media and his Instagram account is tgsoloking.
  11. He has the best inventory in Pakistan. He is famous for his inventory.

6. Umar

  1. He is known by the name Envy Plays
  2. He is 21 years of Age
  3. He was born in the Pakistani city of Gujrat
  4. He lives in Australia 
  5. His PUBG Name is ŁEGEND々乇nvy
  6. 5247755100 is his PUBG ID
  7. The legend is the Clan of his
  8. He is not in any Crew.
  9. The Control configuration he prefers is the 4 Fingers Claw.
  10. He always prefers to turn on the Gyroscope. 
  11. The Device he use to play with is the iPhone 12

5. Jahanzaib

  1. His Nickname is Mr Jay Plays
  2. The Place of Birth of this player is Lahore, Pakistan
  3. He holds the Pakistan Nationality.
  4. He holds the PUBG Name MrJayPlays
  5. 526347774 is its PUBG ID
  6. RAPTR is its Clan
  7. He is Not in any Crew
  8. He prefers to play with the Emulator Controls
  9. The Device he used to play is the Emulator
  10. He is on Social Media his Instagram id is mrjayplays
  11. He is famous because of the youtube streaming. 

4. Chris Nadeem

  1. His Nickname My name is Cute Panda.
  2. He is of 11 Years of Age
  3. Karachi is his Place of Birth
  4. He holds the Pakistani Nationality
  5. roar PANDIt is his PUBG Name
  6. 5590226068 is his PUBG ID
  7. Roar Esport is his Clan
  8. Roar Esport is the Crew
  9. 4 Fingers Claw are the Controls
  10. His Device on which he use to play PUB g is the iPhone 11
  11. Cutepanda_pubg is the Instagram id.

3.  Osama Qayyum

  1. Osama Qayyum is popular with the name 47 Khalifa.
  2. He is 20 years of age.
  3. Peshawar is his Place of Birth
  4. He owns the Pakistani Nationality
  5. 47〆KʜaʟiFa is his PUBG Name
  6. 5267813117 is the PUBG ID
  7. 47 Official is its Clan
  8. He is a bit in any Crew Name
  9. 3 Finger is its Controls configuration
  10. He always prefer to turn the Gyro on
  11. iPhone 12 Pro Max is the Device with which he loves to play.
  12. He holds multiple Social Media accounts for                                                                                       
  13. He is known as the King of Sniping.

2. Sam Malik

  • Sam Malik is Known as the Legend Sam
  • He is 20 Years Old
  • 07 March 2000 is the Date of Birth
  • He is currently living in Islamabad, Pakistan 
  • His PUBG Name is ŁEGEND々SAM.
  • 5116614055 is the PUBG ID
  • TheŁEGENDS Official is the Clan name
  • Legends is the Crew Name
  • 4 Finger Claw is the configuration of the Controls.
  • He preferably wants to  Gyro On.
  • 12 Pro Max is the Device name for his iPhone 
  • He holds the Social Media presence at a moderate level.                                                                                         
    • Instagram  mrsammalikofficial
  • If you want you can contact him through his Email that is [email protected]

1.  Zubair Khan

  1. Zubair Khan has the Nickname of Predator
  2. He is 21 Years Old Age
  3. 05 August 2000 is his  Date of Birth
  4. He holds the Nationality of Pakistani
  5. Fyme / Predator is its PUBG Name
  6. 5369459460 is its PUBG ID
  7. Fyme is the name of its Clan
  8. He is not a member of any Crew
  9. Five Fingers Claw is the Controls configuration he used to play.
  10. 11 Pro Max is the iPhone Device
  11. This Social Media accounts this person holds is                                                                                   
    • Instagram  yt_predator
  12. If you want you can contact him on this Email id [email protected]

The Champion – Mubeen

  1. Mubeen has the Nickname of Star Anonymous 
  2. Rawalpindi is the Place of Birth, a city in Punjab, Pakistan 
  3. He holds the Pakistani Nationality
  4. STAR AnYms is its PUBG Name
  5. 5180495079 is the PUBG ID he has
  6. STAR is its Clan Name
  7. He is not part of any crew
  8. 5 Fingers  Controls configuration is its style of playing
  9. iPad is the Device on which he used to play PUBG.
  10. The Social Media accounts under his use are                                                                                         
    • Instagram  the anonymous xd
  11. If you want to contact him you can do it through this Email id [email protected]


The esports industry is continuously evolving in Pakistan. This is the reason that new youngsters are continuously included in this list. This is the list we have made in 2022. Maybe after some time, the rankings may be changed again. 

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