Treasure Chest of Courage episode 2 release explained

What date and time will Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage episode 2 release worldwide, and has a preview trailer been shared?

Whilst we are still waiting for Ranking of Kings to return with its second season, there is plenty more Bojji-content left to enjoy thanks to the new spin-off series The Treasure Chest of Courage.

After an entertaining premiere last week, this new anime is now looking to pick up the momentum and rise through the 2023 Spring slate rankings itself.

Here is everything that fans need to know about Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage episode 2, including the release date and time on Crunchyroll, as well as the official preview trailer.

Treasure Chest of Courage episode 2 release date and time

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage episode 2 is scheduled to premiere first for domestic audiences in Japan in the early hours of Friday, April 21.

The good news for fans outside Japan is that Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage episode 2 is set to drop on Thursday, April 20 via Crunchyroll:

  • Pacific Time – 11 AM
  • Eastern Time – 2 PM
  • British Time – 7 PM
  • European Time – 8 PM
  • India Time – 11:30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 2 AM
  • Australia Eastern Standard Time – 4 AM

The official Japanese website has confirmed that Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage episode 2 will be split between two story parts: ‘Beast in the Wilderness’ and ‘The Mysterious Desert’:

“Beast in the Wilderness: Bojji and Kage are on their way to the Kingdom of Bossu with the Knights of the Underworld. While preparing for encampment, they hear a rumor that ‘wild beasts appear in this area at night and eat people…’

The Mysterious Desert: On their way to the Bossu Kingdom, the group is hit by a huge sandstorm. When the sandstorm subsides, an oasis suddenly appears. They stop by for a rest, and are met by a creature they have never seen before…”

Unfortunately, a release date for the Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage English dub has not yet been confirmed. The spin-off anime series will consist of 10 individual episodes, as per the official Blu-Ray DVD listings. Barring any last-minute alterations to the scheduled domestic broadcast in Japan, Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage season 1 will run until June 15.

A quick recap of Treasure Chest of Courage episode 1

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage episode 1 was split between two story parts titled ‘Kage’s Errand’ and ‘The Prince and Money’.

Kage’s Errand opened with Bojji and Kage hearing a commotion coming from Despa’s room, only to find out that he has grown an age spot on his face and subsequently would be unable to train Bojji until it is healed.

Despa hides under his duvet out of embarrassment, but then realizes that Shuddercap Mushrooms could help the spot – so he sends Kage into town to purchase one with a gold coin. Unfortunately, Kage’s little side-adventure turns out to be more complicated than he first realized, and he ends up in the Okkana Forest after being warned that a terrifying monster lives nearby.

Kage is able to save an old lady from the supposed monster and carries her home, where he ends up completing various menial chores for the elderly woman, who gives him a pie as a reward.

Upon returning to the castle, Despa reveals that the monster was actually the old woman, who harvests Shuddercap Mushrooms and gets adventurers to complete her chores – thankfully, the pie that he got as a reward contains the Shuddercap and they all settle down to enjoy their meal.

The Prince and Money saw Despa trying to exploit Bojji by making him earn money for him, disguising the rouse as a way to learn about modern society and trade. Bojji becomes frustrated at the notion of working as each job he tries, he fails at; including at the florist and a nearby restaurant.

Instead, they set up a game where whoever can hit Bojji with a beanbag will win 100 gold coins, and eventually a large enough crowd gathers that it becomes profitable for our young hero. Unfortunately, a young girl gets carried away with the game and spends all of her family’s savings, only for Kage to reveal to Despa that they had rigged the game in their favor.

Conflicted, Despa agrees to tutor the girl and periodically give her family money, on a deal that would see the girl work for Despa once she finishes studying abroad.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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