Who is Genya? Character and Voice Actor Explained

Genya is not a new entry in Demon Slayer, though, but as he is one of the major supporting characters in the ongoing arc, everyone curiously awaits to learn more about him and his voice actor. 

Previously, Genya appeared for a brief period in Demon Slayer, but the current arc will show him as one of the prominent supporting characters. The new episode showed him coming face to face with the Upper-Rank demons alongside, Tanjiro, Tokito, and Nezuko. He also saved Tanjiro from getting killed at the hands of Sekido despite his hatred towards him.

Who is Genya in Demon Slayer?

Genya is the brother of the Wind Hashira, who Demon Slayer fans might remember by the name Sanemi. Genya first appeared in Season 1 when he participated with Tanjiro in the Final Selection. In the first season, Genya appeared as someone who was arrogant and narcissistic. Tanjiro almost broke his arm when Genya tried to assert dominance over a girl.

So, you could say that Genya didn’t make a good impression over Tanjiro or, in this case, the fans. Well, you could say that until now, that perception of Genya hasn’t changed; that’s because he is still acting as a loner in the third season.

Personality and behavior aside, Genya is a fearsome and talented demon slayer who knows precisely where he shines. He doesn’t do well with breathing techniques, so he uses Amida Sutra for healing or replicating the effects of breathing forms. Genya also has the ability to temporarily become a demon by consuming its flesh. His demonic power depends on the demon whose flesh he has eaten. For instance, if he eats the flesh of Upper Rank 4, he would gain the powers of Upper Rank 4 — that’s honestly a very handy and deadly ability that has saved Genya’s life multiple times.

Who is Nobuhiko Okamoto? Genya’s Voice Actor Explained

Nobuhiko Okamoto, the 24-year-old voice artist from Japan, is the voice of Genya in Demon Slayer. He voiced the character in the first season and took back the mantle in the latest season.

Nobuhiko is known for voicing several characters across different anime series; however, the most popular project from where you remember Nobuhiko might be My Hero Academia. That’s because Nobuhiko voices the hot-headed Bakugo in the anime series. Apart from that, Nobuhiko has worked on shows like Edens Zero, World Trigger, Horimiya, and Dragon Quest.

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