Who is Kotetsu? Tanjiro’s New Trainer Explained

Kotetsu is a villager Tanjiro saved from being beaten up by the Mist Hashira. So, who is the villager with the Hyottoko mask? Let’s also see who is the character’s voice actor.

Tanjiro Kamado, whom we saw as a helpless boy when his family fell prey to the demons, has now become someone who has defeated many demons. Moreover, in the second season of Demon Slayer, we also saw him playing a prominent role in the battle between Tenjen and the Upper Moon Six, where he helped the former to win.

Well, now, the third season of Demon Slayer showed us Tanjiro getting a new trainer in the form of a young boy from Swordsmith Village, and we can’t wait to know more about him.

Introduction to Demon Slayer’s Kotetsu

Kotetsu was first seen engaged in an argument with the Mist hashira. He then turns out to be a member of the legendary family who, in fact, created that mechanical doll based on Yoriichi. So, he is the one who takes the responsibility to manage the doll and protect it from getting destroyed. However, as the doll has to get face to face with the demon slayer corps members, it often receives damage.

It took a while for Kotetsu to move on from the fact that Yoriichi Type Zero had lost its left eye and an arm to Muichiro Tokito. He remained shattered until Tanjiro’s potential convinced him. Even though he was not skilled, he still managed to motivate Tanjiro to train harder.

As Kotetsu’s face wasn’t revealed in the second episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, curious fans waited to know how the young trainer looked. The extra panel of the episode showed Tanjiro revealing that Kotetsu’s face resembles the mask. Hence, the people of the village often say that for him, it’s unnecessary to wear the mask.

Ayumu Murase voiced Kotetsu in Demon Slayer

The 34-year-old Japanese voice actor Ayumu Murase has voiced the character in Demon Slayer Season 3 Japanese version. The voice actor has given his voice to several anime characters since 2011. He also won the best male rookie award in 2016.

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