Who is Minami Kotobuki? The Gravure Model Explained

Oshi No Ko Episode 4 shows Ruby making a new friend in Yoto High School. Her name is Minami Kotobuki, and she is a Gravure Model. If you want to know who is the new entry in the anime series, then this is where you will get the answers to your questions.

Oshi No Ko is an ongoing anime series that has made a special place in the hearts of the worldwide audience since it came out with its first episode. In fact, after the anime adaptation’s release, Oshi No Ko manga gained so much popularity that it surpassed the readership of some of the popular series like My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Super on Manga Plus.

Who is Minami Kotobuki in Oshi No Ko?

Minami Kotobuki is a student at Yoto High School, and she is the one who became the first friend of Ruby after her admission to the school. In the start, Kotobuki’s large breasts caught Ruby’s attention. Besides that, Kotobuki’s bright pink hair is also one thing that makes her different from the other girls in the school.

The Oshi No Ko manga doesn’t have detailed information regarding the new entry, but with her first interaction with Ruby, we learned that she is undoubtedly someone who has a friendly nature. She is also someone who usually follows the ‘go with the flow’ agenda, which is why she doesn’t take time to adapt to the changes that occur in her life.

Now, talking about her professional life, she works as a Gravure model; that’s the work that actually suits her personality. For the unacquainted, Gravure models are inclined toward provocative photoshoots, which usually involve semi-clothing.

Hina Yomiya plays the character in the anime series

Hina Yomiya is a 23-year-old voice actress whose voice acting career commenced in 2020, and she got her big break in 2021 in the anime Selection Project.

Later, she got to work on several big anime projects, including My Dress Up Darling, The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, The Dangers in My Heart, and more.

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