Who is Sekido and Who Voices Him in the Anime?

The first two episodes of Demon Slayer Season 3 set the stage for the Swordsmith Village arc, while its third episode truly picked up the pace.

When the new season of the anime started, we learned about a hidden village called the swordsmith village. This village was hidden from everyone, so the demons could not know about it. But now, as the peaceful place is exposed to the demons, we see the first encounter of Twelve Kizuki’s Upper-Rank Four with Tanjiro, Nezuko, Tokito, and Genya. We also get to see four deadly forms of the Upper-Rank Four, Hantengu, out of which one form is Sekido.

Who is Sekido in Demon Slayer?

When Hantengu’s head is severed by Tokito‘s sword attack, we meet the two forms of this demon. The severed head of Hantengu develops a new body, and his torso gets a new head. In this way, two demons come out of one demon. The demon that emerged from the split head was Sekido, who possesses Hantengu’s anger aspect.

Sekido is the cruel form of Upper-Rank Four, who doesn’t even care about the demon’s other clones. If he assigns a task and his fellow clones fail to accomplish it, he doesn’t even think twice about punishing them.

Being an Upper-Rank demon, Sekido has some powerful techniques that can get any Hashira on their nerves. For instance, he made Tanjiro almost lose consciousness and got him paralyzed with the Electrokinesis technique. Moreover, when Ganya tries to attack him with bullets from behind, he uses his high speed to fail his attack.

Who voiced Sekido in Demon Slayer?

The Japanese voice actor Yuichiro Umehara voiced Sekido in the anime. Besides being a voice actor, he is also a musician who has found a pop-rock bank with fellow voice actor Yoshiki Nakajima.

Some of his voice-acting performances were seen in Black Clover, where he was the voice behind the character Mars, in Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, he was Zoltan, in Trickster, he was Inoue Ryo. And with this, the list of his voice-acting work keeps going on.

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