Why Aqua Didn’t Want Ruby to Become an Idol?

Oshi No Ko Episode 2 has been released on HIDIVE, and fans who don’t have access to the platform can catch up with the episode on Netflix (if it’s available in your region).

Oshi No Ko is a new anime series that has created a buzz among fans within a few hours of its premiere episode’s release. In the first episode, we saw two people admiring a teenage idol named Ai with all their hearts. They loved her so much that after their untimely deaths, both of them got reincarnated as Ai’s newborns, Ruby and Aqua. The episode takes a drastic turn when after a few years, Ai gets murdered, and her son Aqua swears to avenge her death.

Well, in episode 2, we see the twins as teenagers, and with this, we learn about Ruby’s dream to become an idol, just like her mother. However, Aqua doesn’t seem to be fine with her decision, and here, we talk about why he is against her dream of choosing the entertainment industry to make her career.

Aqua’s hatred toward the Idol Profession Explained

The anime series’ latest episode showed how eager Ruby is to become an idol, but whenever she discusses this with Aqua, he always demeans the industry. Aqua has seen his mother getting killed brutally in front of his eyes, so he doesn’t want the same fate for his sister. He is also familiar with the dirty secrets of the entertainment industry. Moreover, he has seen Ai suffering during her pregnancy as their father ran away and never looked back.

The entire episode focuses on Aqua’s struggle to stop Ruby from getting obsessed with the glamorous life because he knows all that shines is not gold. So, he also called her, saying that he had called from the agency where she gave the audition, only to inform her that she had been rejected. However, we also saw him working with the director as a staff to keep an eye on everyone in the industry to find out who their father is.

However, seeing Ruby’s desperation, Miyako asked her to become an idol for their family-run agency, Ichigo Productions. Later, when Aqua and Ruby go for an audition, the brother-sister duo comes across Kana Arima, a child actor from their past.

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