Why Gabimaru Couldn’t Kill Sagiri?

Gabimaru, the main protagonist of Hell’s Paradise, is nicknamed the Hollow as he lacks any emotion toward others. He is said to be a monster who can kill millions of people most cruelly without feeling any guilt. Then, why does he not kill Sagiri even after overpowering her in the third episode of the anime series?

Hell’s Paradise brings a white-haired main character, who is nothing less than a monster. Well, that’s what we have come to know after seeing the released episodes of the anime series. Seeing him killing the sinners in the second episode is evident to say that he doesn’t carry any regret in himself after killing anyone with his own hands. So, when it came to Sagiri, why couldn’t he kill her?

Why did Gabimaru’s hand tremble while killing Sagiri?

When Gabimaru is about to kill Sagiri with a sword, his hands start shivering, and he starts thinking of his wife, Yui, who doesn’t want him to kill anybody. So, it’s his wife who stopped him from killing Sagiri.

At the start of the anime series, we met Gabimaru, who wasn’t interested in taking anyone’s life. In fact, we saw that he didn’t have any will to live, but as soon as executioner Sagiri was assigned to kill him, he dodged the sword attack. He later realized he wanted to return to his wife and lead a peaceful life.

The third episode also showed that Gabimaru is similar to Sagiri, the primary one being their disturbed past experiences. So, when they both head towards the mysterious island in search of Exilir of Immortality as a team, they started bonding even more. However, on their way, they meet Kisho, who indirectly provokes them to kill each other. But there was some connection between them that stopped Gabimaru from taking Sagiri’s life. Besides that, the credit also goes to Yui, who always wanted to keep him on the side of humanity.

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