Sultan Salah ud Din Ayubi Season 1

Sultan Salahuddin Yusuf bin Ayyub was the founder of the Ayubid Empire. He is one of the most famous conquerors and rulers not only in the history of Islam but also in the history of the world. Sultan Salahuddin was originally a Kurd. He was born in 1138 in the city of Tikrit in present-day Iraq. Under his leadership, the Ayubid Empire ruled Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Hijaz and Diyarbakir. Salah al-Din Ayubi is revered by both Muslims and Christians for his bravery and generosity.

Salah al-Din is called the conqueror of Bayt al-Maqdis, who in 1187 conquered Bayt al-Maqdis by defeating the united forces of Europe in the Battle of Hetin. Saladin was appointed ruler of Egypt in 564 AH. After the death of Nooruddin Zangi, Salahuddin came to rule. PTV and TRT are jointly presenting the drama of  Salahuddin Ayubi. We will keep you updated with moment to moment updates.
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Sultan Salah ud Din Ayubi Series Season 1


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